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Rates for Proofreading and Copy Editing


$35hour (STANDARD)
$45/hour (RUSH)
Copy Editing:
$55/hour (STANDARD)
$65/hour (RUSH)

Use the form below to CALCULATE your estimate:
e.g., 2000 (for two thousand)
Number of Words:
Type of Service:


Minimum Order = $35

For a detailed estimate, send me your document by email.

Do I need proofreading or copy editing?

If you would like a sample of my proofreading or copy editing, I would be happy to review and edit a one-page (double-spaced) version of your writing for a minimum charge (in advance) of $30 for proofreading and $40 for copy editing. Longer versions will be charged in advance at my regular hourly rates. Payment can be made by credit card at:

Please notify me if your documents are in British or Canadian English.

As a courtesy, please PAGINATE all originals!

All changes are marked up on the hard copy, unless otherwise requested. If you wish your document to have changes tracked through a "track changes" function, the cost for the project could be more.

Client will be charged extra if formatting problems arise—and require fixing—during proofreading or copy editing.

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