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Inappropriate Quotation Marks

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Inappropriate Quotation Marks



Init-Capitalization for Emphasis

Capitalizing the first letter of a word in order to give it more emphasis is not a good idea. Nevertheless, this is a very common mistake; you can see it everywhere—especially with signs, both handwritten and printed. Here's an example (see the word Drying in the first sentence).

I'd also hyphenate rubber backed, so that it would read rubber-backed; and I would not capitalize Must in that same sentence (though some might argue that its appearing at the head of the second line warrants an init-cap).

Advertising Creates Its Own Rules

This advertisement on the subway baffled me. I had to read it several times to understand.

At first I thought the text referred to three films:

Method Man
I Love You
Man & the Amazing Spider-Man

However, when I looked lower on the ad, I saw the three movie posters for the three films (not seen above):

Method Man
I Love You, Man
The Amazing Spider-Man

I'm sure the advertising company was aware of this possible confusion, but opted to do it this way.

Advertisers create their own rules.

What's Wrong With This Street Sign? Fullerton, Chicago, Illinois.

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