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Clients (Representative)

William Morrow & Company, New York
Anchor Books, New York
Pocket Books, New York
Chicago Review Press
Wildflower Advertising, Chicago
Chessboard Consulting, Chicago
LoSasso Advertising, Chicago
AWD Marketing Communications
Essential Presence, Chicago
Drexel, Burnham, New York
Kronish, Lieb, New York
Summit, Rovins, New York
Wisconsin Counties Association
Teenage Research Institute
Testing Technologies, Mamaroneck, New York
Eclipse Energy Research, New York
50,000 Feet Inc.
Glick Realty
Eicoff Industries

Individuals or Sole Owners
Bud Watts, Cub Blood
David McDermott, Never Lose, Chicago, 2010
Yoen Kwon
Bud Watts, And You, Butty Whore, You're No Angel
Frederick Zimmerman
Andrew T. Gorman
Vanamali, Karma and Rebirth,
Lois Barlient, Good Hope
Jeroen van der Heijden