Titles of Works (Part 5)

Books and Periodicals

8.178  Freestanding publications.  Titles and subtitles of books, pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, and sections of newspapers that are published separately in either print or electronic form are italicized when mentioned in text, notes, or biography.  In text and notes they are capitalized headline style (see 8.167), though sentence style may be used ina bibliography or reference list (see 8.166).

8.179  Full and shortened titles.  A title cited in full in the notes or bibliography may be shortened in the text.  A subtitle may be omitted or an initial a, an, or the may be dropped if it does not fit the surrounding syntax.  For short titles in notes, see 16.42.

Hawking, in A Brief Hostory of Time,  opens up the universe.

Hawking’s Brief History of Time explains black wholes with alarming lucidity.

That dreadful Old Curiosity Shop character, Quilp…


In The old Curiosity Shop, Dickens…

8.180  Initial “the” in periodical titles.  When newspapers and periodicals are mentioned in text, an initial the , even if part of the official title, is lowercased (unless it begins a sentence) and not italicized.  Foreign-llnguage titles, however, retain the article in the original language–but only if it is an official part of the title.  (For notes and bibliography, see 17.195-96.)

She reads the Chicago Tribune on the train.

We read Le Monde and Die Zeit while traveling in Europe.

Did you see the review in the Frankfurter Allgemeine?

8.181   What to italicize.  Only the official name of a periodical should be italicized.   Am added descriptive term is lowercased and set in roman.

She subscribes to Newsweek and the Economist.

I read it both in Time magazine and in the Washington Post.


His article was reprinted in the New York Times Magazine.

8.182  When not to italicize.  When the name of a newspaper or periodical is part of the name of a building, organization, prize, or the like, it is not italicized.

Los Angeles Times Book Award

Chicago Defender Charities

Tribune Tower

8.183  Titles as singular nouns.  A title, being a singular noun, always takes a singular verb.

Coconuts and Coquinas describes island life of Fort Myers Beach.

8.184  Terms within titles.  A term in a quoted title that is itself normally italicized such as a foreign word, a genus name, or the name of a ship, is set in roman type (“reverse italics”).  A title within a title, however, should remain in italics and be enclosed in quotation marks.  See also 8.175, 17.60.

From Tyrannosaurus rex to King Kong:  Large Creatures in Fact and Fiction

A Key to Whitehead’s “Process and Reality”

8.185  Title not interchangeable with subject.  The title of a work should not be used to stand for the subject of a work.

Dostoevsky wrote a book about crime and punishment.  (Not…about Crime and Punishment)

Edward Wasiolek’s book on Crime and Punishment is titled “Crime and Punishment” and the Critics.

In their book The Craft of Translation, Biguenet and Schulte…)

8.186  Series and editions.  Quoted titles of book series and editions are capitalized but not italicized.  The word series and edition are capitalized only if part of the title.

The Loeb Classics

a Modern Library edition

Late Editions:  Cultural Studies for the End of the Century

the Crime and Justice series

a book in the Heritage of Sociology Series

From The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition

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