Movies, Television and Radio Titles

8.196  What to Italicize.  Titles of movies and of television and radio programs are italicized.  A single episode in a television series is set in roman and enclosed  in quotation marks.

the classic movie Gone with the Wind

The Godfather II

PBS’s Sesame Street

WFMT’s From the Recording Horn

“Casualties, ” an episode in the Fortunes of  War, a Masterpiece Theater series


the ten o’clock news

Formal names of broadcast networks, channels, and the like are set in roman.

Voice of America

the Discovery Channel

The Sundance and Disney channels

8.197  Analogy to print.   Any work available on the Internet or as a CD-ROM (or part of a CD-ROM), whether or not it also exists in print for, is treated in the same way as the works described in 8.164-95.  In other words, periodicals or complete works are italicized; articles or sections of work are set in roman and, where appropriate, enclosed in quotation marks.  For citing electronic works (including such works such a databases ir DVDs) in notes or bibliographies, see chapter 17.

8.198  On line Sources.  Works available on line are treated much the same as printed matter:  books or book-length works are italicized; articles, poems, short stories, and the like are set in roman and enclosed in quotation marks.  For citing online material, see chapter 17.

An excerpt from Albert Borgemann’s 1999 book  Holding on to Reality can be found on the University of Chicago Press Web site.

For help with style matters, visit the regularly updated feature “The Chicago Manual of Style” Q&A on our Website.

8.199  Web sites.  Web sites, if titled, should be set in roman, headline style, without quotation marks.  For typographic treatment of URLs, see 6.17, 6.82, 6.110,6.119, 7.44.

8.200  Electronic files.   File names may be italicized or set in roman, capitalized or lowercased        79.

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