Articles in Periodicals and Parts of a Book

8.187  Articles.  Quoted titles of articles and features in periodicals and newspapers, chapters and part titles, titles of short stories or essays, and individual selections in books are set in roman type and enclosed in quotation marks.  (If there are quotation marks in the original title, single quotation  marks must be used, as in the fourth example.)

John S. Ellis’s article “Reconciling the Celt ,” appeared in the Journal of British Studies.

In chapter 3 of The Footnote, “How the Historian Found His Muse,” Anthony Grafton…

“Tom Outland’s Story,” by Willa Cather, …

The article “Schiller’s ‘Ode to Joy’ in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony received unexpected attention.

8.188  Collected works.  When two or more works, originally published as separate books, are included in a single volume, often as part of an author’s collected works, they are best italicized when quotedl

The editor’s introduction to the Critique of Pure Reason in Kant’s Collected Works,…

8.189  Parts of a book.  Such generic terms as foreword, preface, acknowledges, introduction, appendix, bibliography, glossary and index, whether used in cross-references or in reference to another work, are lowercased and set in roman type.

The author states in her preface that…

For further documentation, see the appendix.

Full details are given in the bibliography.

The book contains a glossary, a subject index, and an index of names.

8,190  Numbered chapters, parts and so on.  The words chapter, part, appendix, table, figure and the like are lowercased and spelled out in text (though sometimes abbreviated in parenthetical references).  Numbers are given in arabic numerals, regardless of how they appear in the original.  If letters are used, they may  be upper- or lower case and are sometimes put in parentheses.  See also 9.30-31.
This matter is discussed in chapter 4 and 5.

The latin text appears in appendix B.

The range is presented numerically in table 4.2 and diagrammed in figure 4.1.

These connections are illustrated in table A3.

Turn to section 5(a) for further examples.

From The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition

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